About DataArch

DataArch delivers successful Data Quality and Master Data Management projects for our customers around the world.


We have partnerships with key MDM software suppliers around the world, but operate independently. Our implementation methodology is product independent. Our clients are primarily located in the USA, Canada and Western Europe across a multitude of industries.

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We are the primary partners and key suppliers of Data Quality and Master Data Management services for the Information Builders Omni platform.


The founder's vision


Jakub Barták, CEO

In DataArch, I decided to start a company which would do things the way I would like them to be done as a regular employee. I have always been fond of quality work and being honest with the client. It is important to me that DataArch consultants may openly tell the client, "We don't provide this kind of service, but we would be happy to help you with...". Even though we are bound to lose some projects this way, I truly believe it is this honesty that allows us to be a better partner to our clients. I apply the same philosophy towards the people who work in DataArch. The work environment I strive to create is an environment in which I would like to work myself. An environment based on a professional approach which still respects the employees' private life, an environment which allows for learning and improving with the help of senior staff or external trainers, and an environment in which the company helps its employees grow even in previously unexplored areas.

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Company history

Since its foundation, DataArch has been growing organically without any external capital



The company starts to cooperate with Information Builders. We implement first projects for U.S. based clients.



Two new consultants are hired to allow for multiple parallel project deliveries.



The company is transformed into DataArch s.r.o.



DataArch grows to six people in total and delivers projects in the USA, the United Kingdom and Canada.



DataArch grows again by two additional consultants and a Project manager. We deliver a project for our first African client.



The Prague branch is moved to a larger office space directly in the city center. DataArch grows again by hiring an admin, an HR specialist, and a new consultant. The company now has nine employees.

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