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A career in DataArch does not have clearly defined career lines. Each employee accepts responsibility according to their own competencies and interests.

The training does not end with the probationary period, it is followed by more training and education and reinforcing competencies.

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Your first steps in DataArch

Co budeš v DA dělat?

You will spend the first three months training skills such as using the relevant MDM tools,

learning how to design and implement mastering rules, how to communicate efficiently, and how to follow our project implementation methodology.

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The Hiring process

The hiring process in DataArch has three distinct phases - a test of communication skills, an interview, and a contract negotiation.

The test of communication skills is a 30-minute Skype call with a series of tasks. Successful candidates are invited to a follow-up interview which usually takes roughly two hours. During this interview, both the candidate and DataArch introduce themselves and another series of tests is conducted. The result of the interview is determined by a set of measured criteria and not by personal feelings. The terms of the contract are negotiated with each successful candidate individually - we do not have a "take it or leave it" policy.

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Ordinary day in DataArch

The start of the day is different for most people in DataArch, with some arriving at 7 a.m. and the last at 10 a.m. In the morning you will answer e-mails from the previous day, address any new client requests, and have focused time for your project work.

The afternoon is mainly dedicated to direct communication with clients and various project meetings.

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All available jobs

We are always looking for new colleagues. None of the open positions fits your career profile, but you would still like to work with us? Send us your Resume anyway.

ETL Consultant

ETL Consultants in DataArch are a key element of the MDM hub project deliveries. They analyze source systems, consult with client subject matter experts and create mappings between those sources and the target MDM hub. Afterwards the ETL consultants build ETL flows, test them and analyze the results for any and all data defects which are either immediately resolved or handed over to the DQ/MDM Consultant in charge of the MDM hub.

We are currently looking for freelance consultants for specific projects.

DQ/MDM Consultant

DQ/MDM Consultants in DataArch gather details about an existing data situation on the client's site and guide the client through the whole process of the design, approval, and implementation of the MDM solution. During the project implementation consultants perform data analysis, detect data defects, and design an ongoing process to eliminate them.

We are currently looking for freelance consultants for specific projects.

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