We provide comprehensive Data quality and Master Data Management services

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Master Data Management

We provide the following Master Data Management services, both comprehensively and individually

Identification whether MDM truly addresses the needs of the client via a series of structured interviews.

Expert assistance in building an internal MDM Business Case

Definition of MDM goals in a way to maximize the value of the MDM solution

Expert assistance in identifying and gathering requirements for the MDM solution.

Support in the MDM software selection procedure.

Planning of the MDM implementation project

Implementation of the MDM solution

Long term maintenance of the MDM solution

Master Data Management

Long term expansion of the MDM solution in accordance with the business goals of the client

Mentoring of the client's internal employees

Data Quality

We provide the following Data Quality services, both comprehensively and individually

One-time Data Quality Assessment

One-time Data Cleansing

Monitoring of Data Quality over time

Requirements gathering and design of ongoing Data Cleansing

Implementation of an ongoing Data Cleansing process

Requirements gathering and design of manual Data Remediation processes

Implementation of manual Data Remediation processes

Design and implementation of Data Enrichment processes from external data sources

Design of incorporating Data Quality services into the SOA architecture

Master Data Management

Why choose DataArch ?

Our goal is to significantly increase the usability and utilization of your existing data sets.

Who should use our services

We provide data cleansing services for companies that have large quantities of data and want to use them in a new way and to gain new added value.

When should you contact us?

When planning a migration project. When consolidating data sources. When data quality interferes with operations or causes inconvenience to the clients.


Our consultants work only with Data Quality and Master Data Management. This specialization allows them to maintain a high level of expertise. 


Our portfolio consists of dozens of successful projects in Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Data Governance.

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